Equipments You Need for Novelty Cake

Published: September 20, 2010

Making novelty birthday cakes is a passion of mine! I haven’t been doing it all that long, but in the last few years I think I’ve really come a long way! It’s a great hobby for anyone interested in baking and adding some artistic flair to their cooking! Some of the great things about this hobby is that you can get started very easily and inexpensively and that you get to eat your final product!

Getting started with decorating cakes is very simple and really doesn’t require a lot of equipment. In fact most of the basic equipment you’ll need is most likely already in your kitchen! Here are some of the basics you’ll need to make a novelty birthday cake:

- Rolling pin
- Large and small knives
- Large and small palette knives
- Selection of bowls in various sizes
- Small sieve or a tea strainer
- Baking tins of various sizes and shapes
- Whisk
- Metal spatula
- Kitchen scales
- Artist brushes
- Pastry brush
- Toothpicks
- Cake decorating bag and tip

Now once you really start to experiment and want to start to get better you can look at purchasing some more equipment, such as a cake decorating kit containing lots of different size and types of cake decorating tips. Look into or email

In terms of cake tins you can start out with the basic shapes – square and round – as you can pretty much make anything need from these if required. There are also specific novelty cake tins that you can purchase that are in a special shape such as a car, or a ball or even different numbers. A good cupcake tin is another basic purchase for your novelty birthday cake kit bag!

Most of the basic items that you need are easily available at Africa’s Catering Equipment, once you step inside our shop, well, who knows what goodies you might find!